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Student_Dress_Code: Card IconStudent Dress Code:

The purpose of the Oakdale Dress Code is to help maintain a safe and orderly learning environment that is focused on learning; clothing or accessories which are disruptive or distracting to the school or classroom environment are not allowed. Students should pay attention to personal neatness and cleanliness and dress appropriately for the weather and activities. Students are required to wear appropriate fitting clothes; i.e., clothing must match the student’s body size (not too small, large, or revealing), and cover upper, mid, and lower sections. No sagging pants or visible undergarments. No crop tops, tube tops, midriffs, spaghetti straps, or jock-cut tops. Clothing must be maintained and free from holes, tears, or rips.  Clothes depicting alcohol, drugs, sexual innuendo, inappropriate images, gestures, or violence are not permitted. Gang-related apparel, accessories &/or colors is prohibited (EC 35183).

All school teachers, administrators and staff have the authority to enforce the dress code. School administrators have the final say on all dress code decisions.

In addition: Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

1.  For safety reasons, covered shoes (meaning all parts of the foot are to be covered) should be worn at all times. Sandal, high heels and/or skate shoes are not to be worn. Students not wearing safe shoes will not be allowed to participate in P.E. or recess.

2. Shorts, skirts, dresses must be at least “fingertip” in length when arms are at their sides.

3. Emblems, words and pictures on clothing should be appropriate to the educational atmosphere.

4. Hats/Hoods are to be worn outdoors ONLY.

Headgear - No headgear of any kind will be worn indoors. Headgear may be worn outside for sun protection or warmth. Headgear worn backwards or sideways is not allowed. Bandanas are not allowed.   

Make-up, etc. - Students will not wear make-up of any kind. Oakdale is a perfume free school.

Jewelry - In general, jewelry and/or clothing accessories should not be worn at school. Except for post earrings worn in ears, all other body jewelry must be removed or concealed.

5. Hair styles and colors attracting lots of attention during school are prohibited. Students with a distracting hair style will be asked to change it.

6. Pajamas are prohibited unless a specific spirit day is designated for this attire. Blankets are prohibited.
7. Pants must not have holes, tears, or rips in their design. Also, excessive and large holes caused by wear in the pants is prohibited.

** Parents will be called to bring appropriate footwear or a change of clothing. **

Students who repeatedly do not follow dress code will meet with administration who will determine consequence: parent called, detention, loss of field trips.