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School Site Council

The intent of the School Site Council (SSC) is to create a team at each school that will use all of its combined resources and special knowledge to make their school the very best that it can be. The SSC helps to develop and review the Single Plan for Student Success based on the assessed needs of the total school population. The SSC assesses the effectiveness of the school program and establishes an annual plan. In accordance with CA Ed code, SSC shall be composed of the Principal and representatives of  teachers, other school personnel and parents.

2018/2019_SSC_Members Card Icon2018/2019 SSC Members

Other Staff:
Debra Chandler

Meeting_Dates_&_Times Card IconMeeting Dates & Times

(A minimum of 5 meetings with quorum is required)
September 10 2018 Rm 12 3:30
November 5 2018 Rm 12 3:30
January 14 2019 Rm 12 3:30
March 11 2019 Rm 12 3:30
May 13 2019 Rm 12 3:30

2018_Meetings Card Icon2018 Meetings